CloudMix Edition 2019

Category : Business | Sub Category : News Posted on 2019-12-02 12:35:44

CloudMix Edition 2019

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally there… our new way of working, our new way to do whatever wherever you want, in our Cloud, at the office, at home, remote, on vacation, on the road.

We proudly present ® Windows 10 Professional CloudMix Edition 2019 !

Based on 1809 ® Windows 10 64bit, including but not limited:

•     Seamless integration with our Cloud
•     Seamless fallback to our Cloud
•     Work anywhere with the power of our Cloud and where you are
•     Nothing but 64bit software (ea. Office)
•     Have it your way with your data anywhere
•     Fully licensed for all components
•     Our famous ® Windows kernel protection blanket
•     Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, Edge, you name it, it’s there
•     Updating in less than 120 seconds
•     Triple layered encryption
•     Zero data loss with our Cloud backends
•     HD video utilizing your own hardware
•     Underlying technology by ® Oracle OSE virtualization

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